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POSCO ICT provides EV charging Service for K-Water


POSCO ICT provides EV charging Service for K-Water

POSCO ICT (CEO Choi, Doo Whan) signed on the 25th an MOU to expand EV charging Infrastructure Service.

This MOU is centered on EV charging Infrastructure Constructions in major dams and tourist sites around the nation, including the main buildings of K-Water. POSCO ICT seeks to promote the expansion of infrastructure through the construction/operation of EV Chargers in the Daejeon headquarters of K-Water, Sihwa-lake tidal power plant, Andong dam, Juam dam, and customer service center and research on market demand in relation to future services

EV charging Infrastructure for K-Water will be operated through the ChargEV service, a charging membership service of POSCO ICT. ChargEV is providing over 300 units of POSCO ICT chargers across each regional station, including K-Water, along with public chargers operated by the Ministry of Environment. Recently, the service area has been expanded by integrating over 50 units of charging infrastructure on Jeju Island with the membership service. By using the membership card, charging is available without additional certification process. On top of this, a smartphone app that allows convenient EV charging is to be provided.

POSCO ICT will continue to promote partnerships with Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, and other local governments so that the charging service for electric vehicles can be easily used by other public institutions. It will also continue to expand the charging infrastructure by scaling up roaming with other charging businesses.