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Innovative Opportunity

A challenge toward a new field to provide better value to customers

POSCO ICT makes efforts to search and develop Innovative Opportunity for a new growth engine that provides new value to customers based on Imagining, Creativity, and Transformation.

Finding Business Opportunities Securing Solution through Open Innovation New Business Incubation New Business Incubation
Finding Business Opportunities
  • Launching new business and securing cases of success through ICT environment and market analysis, internal resource analysis, business planning through the development of opportunities, and establishment of plans for investment, development, marketing and resource input, etc.
Securing Solution through Open Innovation
  • Search and joint development of solutions that can be commercialized through collaboration with universities such as POSTECH, KAIST, domestic and overseas venture businesses, and global partners
New Business Incubation
  • Creation of early performance is supported by operating a project team to ensure earlier commercialization of internally developed ideas.
  • In order to minimize risks and costs, Idea Engineering (IE) and C&D (Connect & Development) are utilized.