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Sharing Appreciation

We share our gratitude and create happier world.

We are achieving healthy, ethical, interactive management, by sharing our appreciation.

Sharing our appreciation is just one of the many activities POSCO ICT is pursuing as part of a corporate culture campaign that aims to express gratitude, encourage a positive mindset, and create a healthier work environment. We will share appreciation with customers, partner companies, employees and their families as part of a foundation for a society with a positive mindset.

Sharing appreciation expands passion and creative thinking.
Positive people are more creative and better at coping with stresses and ultimatley have happier lives. POSCO ICT has put this idea into action with its Letters of Gratitude program. Through this progam we write down at least five things we are grateful for every day to foster a positive corporate culture. We write letters of appreciation to customers, cooperative companies, and family members of the employees every month to help encourage each other to achieve more goals.

All of these activities are carried over by developed system called 'Easy Thanks-Planet'. 'Easy Thanks-Planet' is available for sharing and practicing appreciation anytime, anywhere, from smartphone or computer and it contributes greatly to encourage communication between employees.

We are trying our best to foster a loyal and positive corporate culture.

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POSCO ICT is trying its best to create a loyal and positive corporate culture by sharing our appreciation. Sharing appreciation is improving our competitiveness as it naturally enhances employee engagement and ownership. In particular we have improved employee engagement, performance, and respect for our company. This ultimately leads to the profitable performance of both managers and employees.
POSCO ICT is achieving innovation in software and hardware by sharing appreciation and developing a New Mind Campaign that aims to change thinking and behavior.

We create a healthier world by sharing appreciation.
POSCO ICT is creating a brighter Future by working together with everyone to create a healthy and positive society based on sharing appreciation. We keep trying our best to benefit the Public Good by working on pojects that contribute to our society. We are trying to establish a culture of Interaction where we can grow and develop together and foster a happier working environment.

POSCO ICT is creating a happier world by sharing apprication based on keywords such as Future, Public Good, and Interaction