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Ethical Management

We share an ethical consciousness and comply with ethical regulations.

POSCO ICT is trying our best to achieve a sustainable growth by sharing and practicing global business ethics and fair trade.

Business Ethics

Business ethics reflect the dignity of the company. No matter how perfect the system is, it will eventually collapse unless people are changed. Now is the time for businesses around the world to step forward and promote a global standard for their employees.
The Ethical Standard set by POSCO ICT is the standard that all members of POSCO ICT should follow in day-to-day life. When all of us follow this ethical standard, POSCO ICT will become recognized as a trusting and respected global business.
POSCO ICT has a set code of conduct as the ethical standard for all employees that should be followed in their daily activities. The code of conduct has detailed rules for all aspects of our activities including signing deals with customers, compromising conflicting interests, preserving business assets, protecting and sharing information, respecting each other, protecting the environment, maintaining a healthy society, and complying with ethical regulations.

Fair Trade

POSCO ICT is creating a fair trade culture by establishing a fair trade compliance program with our partners. The compliance program is an internal, law-abiding system with provisions for training and supervision to comply with fair trade laws. The CEO of the company aims to prevent employees from violating competition laws by clearly suggesting a standard for behavior in advance and maintaining corporate transparency.

As a way of supervising the violation of law, we are operating a compliance system based on a checklist. The personnel in charge uses the checklist to prevent violations of the law by inspecting all employees' activities in terms of fair trade law.