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Social Contribution

We create happier society by sharing values.

POSCO ICT continues to work on sharing values to create a world where everyone can be satisfied and fulfilled.

We have focused our efforts on POSCO ICT's Social Contribution Group to promote volunteer work in IT and repairing electric facilities in domestic and foreign regions. We are currently working on volunteer activities for disadvantaged groups together with 80 volunteer groups. As a result of our efforts, we won a presidential commendation on volunteer's day in 2010.



Beloved corporation that shares happiness and gratitude, and establishes a healthier society



  • Work on strategic social contribution based on the values of the ICT corporation
  • Pursue win-win growth by communicating with the local community
  • Support disadvantaged groups to establish a sustainable support system
  • IT 봉사단

    Work on strategic social contributions based on our company values

    Manage an IT volunteer group and electricity repair group and establish an IT center in Vietnam.

  • 전기수리 봉사단

    Pursue win-win growth by communicating with the local community.

    Work on cultural experience activities for disadvantaged groups, share appreciation, and set up sisterhood relationships.

  • 베트남 지역 IT센터 건립

    Support sustainable independence for disadvantaged groups.

    Work on support programs for immigrant women and social enterprises, and also provide scholarships for low income households and children.