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Company Profile

POSCO ICT is creating a better world for all of us.

POSCO ICT is creating a smarter world by applying the convergence technology of IT Knowledge and Industry Knowledge to industrial sites and other diverse areas such as energy, environment, etc.

  • In particular, Smart Factory wherein all processes are monitored at a glance and automatically controlled with every piece of equipment and machine exchanging information on their own is established by applying industrial IoT to manufacturing sites. In addition, global-level ICT service optimized for the customer environment, ranging from consulting to system setup and IT outsourcing, is provided based on the wide range of experience and technological power accumulated.

  • POSCO ICT provides Total Energy Optimization, which supports the optimization of energy by combining power generation, demand, transmission/distribution, and consumption into a Value Chain, in order to utilize efficiently the limited amount of energy. It addresses environmental problems caused by air pollution through the effective treatment and disposal of dusts and harmful substances discharged from industrial sites.

  • In order to provide new value to customers, POSCO ICT is making all-out efforts to develop a new growth engine that fully corresponds to the ICT Mega Trend. For the development of the new growth engine, the company is creating new synergy through the Connect and Development Strategy to promote cooperation with universities, research institutes, and technology partners, not to mention the internal R&D carried out by its own R&D organizations. In addition, it leads social contribution activities as well as the practice of ethical management in order to create a better future for everyone.

A corporation creating new value with challenge and passion toward the world and creative thinking
A corporation making a smart world for the happiness of all

POSCO ICT is always with you.

Company Profile
Listed on KOSDAQ November 2000
Number of employees 2,000 (as of June 2017)
Domestic locations of business Pohang (HQ), Seoul, Seongnam, Gwangyang
Overseas subsidiaries China (Beijing, Dalian), Indonesia (Cilegon), Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh), Brazil (Sao Paulo)