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Quality Management

We create value for our customers with continuous innovation.

We realize customer's satisfaction by continuously working on quality management.

POSCO ICT improves service and customer value through an intigrated quality management system based on global quality standards, quantitative project management, and the indepentant quality assurance system guaranteed by partnership companies.

Vision and Core Value

Vision and Core Value

Major Activities

Creating customer values through reflecting potential needs
  • Quantitative Project Management (PMS)
  • Minimizing COPQ by executing quality achievement metering and management
Eliminating deviation and wastes by focusing on fundamentals and principles
  • Continuous improvement of processes by upgrading international quality certification system
    (e.g., CMMI Level 4, ISO9001/ISO 14001/ISO 20000, and OHSAS 18001)
  • Implementing Smart Work Place (SWP) based on global standard processes
Joint growth of supply chains based on trust and well communication
  • Improving Healthy Maturity of Partner Companies for Their Quality Management (diagnosis, consulting, and cultivating)
  • Support of in-house quality guaranteeing and expertization
Customer Satisfaction

* SWP (Smart Work Place)
"A place expediting exercise fast of wisdom of groups" through optimizing partnership for creating achievement from management

* PMS (Project Management System)
Accommodating rich know-hows, and experiences of trial & run obtained from quality management activates; System establishing every activity required for project management in accordance with Standard Operation Procedures, and applying activities to project execution and managing the activities