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CEO Message

A new future in our imagination POSCO ICT will create it with you.

Imaginary things become real.
The world where we now live is creating new value with people, things, and technologies being converged with each other. ICT technology reinvents ways of building relationships between different persons, person and thing, and person and society. Every single piece of equipment is connected by sensors to others, and the data collected from the sensors are analyzed to predict the future. Daily life is made more convenient and richer as a limited amount of energy is efficiently consumed from the standpoint of optimization. ICT is combined with every aspect of our life, enabling the realization of things that were not even imagined before.

We are designing the new world that will come after the smart world.
POSCO ICT is making a smarter world with the convergence technology of IT knowledge and industry related knowledge. It fosters a creative business environment by utilizing ICT technology and creates a Smart Factory to which IoT and Big Data have been applied at industrial sites. It supports the more efficient use of energy by automatically controlling facilities at buildings and factories and makes the air environment even cleaner by reducing fine dusts generated from industrial sites. POSCO ICT is trying to find a solution to make a smarter world and the world to come after it.

We make efforts to create a future wherein everyone becomes happy.
POSCO ICT exerts efforts to create a world where we all can be happy. We try to listen to the voices of everyone and find a solution from the questions asked to make a better world. We fulfil our corporate social responsibility and create a future for all with ethical management, fair transaction, and win win management with which various stakeholders such as customers, shareholders, partners, and employees can sympathize.

We are trying to make a better tomorrow while thinking about new things, reinventing ourselves, and developing state of the art technology. We look forward to your continuing interest and support.

Thank you.

President & CEO Choi, Doo Whan