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Smart Building

POSCO ICT has established ICT infrastructure for the implementation of smart building and combined it with IoT, Cloud, Big Data, and Mobile technologies in order to implement integrated control, energy management, and user-friendly functions. On this basis, POSCO ICT provides total services from concept proposal, system integration to efficient operation and management.

Smart Building

Major Services

Smart Home

The integration of ICT technology and various contents control enables providing each house with convenient & safe services and energy-efficient management.

Smart Building Smart Home
  • Energy saving pop-up and standby power shut-off through wall pad based on HEMS
  • Convenient household control through smart phone applications
  • Protection of residents by sensing risk factors such as gas leakage, access security
  • Real-time information of access control, location identification, and emergency call are provided by sensing the movement of a resident through integrated Tag

IBS(Intelligent Building System)

Hi-tech services are provided through the systematic integration of four systems : building, telecommunication (TC), office automation (OA), and building automation (BA)

IBS(Intelligent Building System)
  • Consultation, proposal, and construction services are provided based on energy-efficient management
  • Establishment of a network working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Advertisement utilizing space and modernization of information service

Integrated building management

More efficient management services are provided by applying cloud technology such as saving of operating expenses through remote management and integrated management of the facility, instead of managing the building individually.

Integrated building management
  • Simultaneously managing multiple buildings remotely as a group
  • Presenting an optimal operation plan that integrates IoT and big data
  • Providing customized service such as facility, energy and security management
  • Providing convenience to building users such as safety, security, and parking management

Smart Lighting

Consulting service combined with smart lighting control system based on qualified LED products is provided; the image of the building is enhanced by clear and beautiful media facade as well as landscape lighting.

Smart Air Conditioning

Sensors installed inside and outside of the building monitor the external environment in real time; thus, the temperature, humidity, air current, ventilation, and cleanliness are optimized.

Smart Parking Management

For vehicles parked inside the building, parking control, guide, calculation of parking fees, and other safe and convenient services for users are offered.