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Smart Transportation

A Smart Transportation Environment created by applying advanced ICT and control technology to existing transportation infra is provided.
POSCO ICT creates various sophisticated transportation systems ranging from the efficient management of transportation in cities and provision of transportation information to the efficient management of transportation system such as Hi pass system, etc.

Major Services

  • Toll collection system (ETCS/TCS)

    • Electronic Toll Collection System (ETCS)

      A state of the art toll collection system with which toll can be paid even as vehicles continue driving without coming to a stop by using wireless communication (infrared ray or radio wave) between the OBU within traveling vehicles and the RSE installed at the road side

    • Toll Collection System (TCS)

      A system designed to collect toll and measure traffic and to handle various other tasks related to the toll collection of toll booths

    System Configuration
    ETCS configuration chart
    ETCS 구성도 입니다. 자세한 내용은 다음에 있습니다.
    ETCS는 차량단말기(OBU)와 전자카드를 장착한 차량, 차종분류장치, 위반차량촬영장치, 안내전광판 및 신호등, 차량감지장치, 통합차로제어기, 안테나(IR/RF), 운전자표시기, 차단기시스템으로 구성되어 있습니다.
    TCS lane configuration chart
    TCS 차로 구성도 입니다. 자세한 내용은 다음에 있습니다.
    TCS는 차종분류장치, 위반차량 촬영장치, 요금표시기 및 요금정산을 위한 부스 내의 차선제어기, 요금터미널, 영수증발행기, 외부단말기 등으로 구성되어 있습니다.
    Expected Effects
    • A convenient UI (User Interface) that can be selected by the operator is provided.
    • An integrated SAM (Security Access Module) board is installed, convenient payment of electronic card/ease of charging is secured.
    • Display of useful information for operators such as car type identification, payment processing, equipment condition, card information, etc.
    • Small sized equipment can provide wider and more comfortable work environment.
  • DSRC Transportation Information System

    A two way communication traffic information system that collects various traffic and transportation information in real time, such as speed in a certain section and traffic flow, etc., through Dedicated Short Range Communication on the road side base stations and the Hi pass device within traveling vehicles

  • Transportation Management System (TMS)

    A system with which use of transportation facilities is maximized by collecting, processing, and providing transportation information and convenience and safety are improved

  • Bus Information System (BIS)

    A system with which the punctuality of buses is secured and user convenience is improved by providing real time operation information using location detection technology and wireless communication such as estimated bus arrival time and operation interval information

Major References

  • Hi pass and TCS for nationwide expressways such as Gyeongbu Expressway
  • Transportation management system of section 2-2 of Seoul City Expressway
  • Pilot project of DSRC Transportation System of the Seoul Metropolitan section of Gyeongbu and Yeongdong Expressways
  • Bus Information System for the Suncheon Gwangyang section
  • ITS setup project for the Incheon Gimpo privately invested expressway