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Smart Railway

Electric & Machinery(E&M) and post management services, which are indispensable for the railway sector, are provided. Stable railway operation is supported through systematic post management, not to mention the design and system setup of the entire railway system such as signal, communication, electricity, screen doors (PSD), Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) applicable to subway, rapid transit railway, light rail transit, etc.


Major Services

  • Design and System Engineering

    The best solution to establish a perfect system using scientific management technique from the establishment of the basic plan to project management and operation is provided.

  • Electricity

    A system is established in order to supply electric power the main power for train operation stably and economically.
    - Transmission and transformation system, Remote surveillance control system, Overhead catenary system, Third rail, Regenerative energy storage

  • Communication

    The safe operation of trains is supported by providing various communication functions through smooth interfaces with signal, electric power, and vehicle system; convenient information is provided to passengers.

  • Signal

    RF CBTC and CBTC SL technologies that support detection, control, and surveillance required for train operation, including the service of establishing an operation control room that monitors and remotely controls train operation for the entire section are provided.

  • CBTC (Communication Based Train Control)

    Railroad capacity is increased, and secure operation of train is guaranteed by tracing the train location in real time through continuous two way communication between the ground unit and railway vehicle for the entire railroad section, instead of using the existing track circuit.

    Major Functions
    ATP: Automatic Train Protection
    • Calculation of train location and decision on train direction
    • Detection of train speed and protection against over speeding
    • Decision on the distance of operation depending on the operation authority
    • Dynamic speed profile
    ATO: Automatic Train Operation
    • Automatic/Unmanned operation by using acceleration/deceleration control
    • Exit/Entry door control (auto/manual opening and closing of exit/entry door, control of reopening)
    • Control of automatic inching and re departure, etc.
    Expected Effects
    • Increase of operation efficiency through high precision train control
    • Saving of cost of construction, maintenance, and repair by simplifying signal cable and equipment
    • Shortened operational headway through the movement block system
    KRTCS 설명
    KRTCS(Korea Radio based Train Control System)

    Train control system based on Korean type wireless communication developed in 2014

    • Internationally compatible due to international standard based design and development (Standard spec: IEC 62278, IEC 62279, IEC 62425)
    • Acquired SIL4 certification, the highest international safety rating
    • Application of fail safe function to ensure stable and secure operation
    • Saving of maintenance cost through the small sized system
  • Automatic Fare Collection (AFC)

    Equipment and system are provided to handle all fare related jobs such as ticket purchase and collection and to process statistics related tasks with computers.

    System Configuration
    POS-AFC (Automatic Fare Collection) 시스템 구성 이미지입니다. 자세한 내용은 다음에 있습니다.
    POS-AFC 시스템은 Station, 종합상황실, 연계기로 크게 구분됩니다. Station에 들어가는 시스템은 역단위 전산기, 자동개집표기, 승차권발매기, 승차권정산기, 일회권환급기로 구성됩니다.
    종합상황실에는 중앙전산기, 운영자전산기, 메인유지보수전산기가 있습니다. 연계기는 정산관리센터시스템(KSCC), 교통카드(후불카드, 선불카드, RF 일회권)으로 구성됩니다.
    Expected Effects
    • The standardized fare collection system is effective in the expansion of existing facility and relocation, not to mention new installation.
    • The remote surveillance system enables saving on the maintenance cost of unmanned system, such as light rail transit.
    • 100% technology development capability can support a wide variety of and specialized customer requirements.
    • The optimized system and competitive solution supply can guarantee quick ROI on the part of customers.
  • Platform Screen Door (PSD)

    A system designed to separate platform and railroad by installing fixed wall and automatic door on the platform is established in order to provide a safe, comfortable platform environment to passengers and to reduce energy use.

    • Supply and maintenance of all types of PSD : Full close, semi close, and APG type
    • PSD RAMS is conducted : SIL3 and SIL4 are secured (KSA/German TUV certification acquired)
      ※ RAMS: Analysis, evaluation, and management activities on Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Safety
    • Securing the reliability and safety of the control system: dual design (control CPU/QHEM, CAN communication)
    • Full close type

      Full close type

      The railroad and platform are completely separated by a screen door.
      Excellent safety and comfort and energy saving are secured.

    • Semi-close type

      Semi close type

      The structure is the same as that of the full close type, but the upper part of PSD and ceiling are separated from each other.
      Construction is easy, and safety and practicality are excellent.

    • APG type

      APG type

      It has the same height as that of the train door.
      It provides a sense of openness but is affected by the outside environment.

    Expected Effects
    • Energy saving : The space between platform and railroad helps save energy
    • Profitability : Profit can be generated by putting advertisement on the surface of PSD
    • Comfort and environment improvement : Blocking the wind produced by the train approaching the platform, controlling noise and dust generation
    • Passenger safety : Passengers are prevented from falling on the railroad; secondary damage resulting from fire can be blocked
  • PRT

    The state of the art control system is provided in order to operate PRT, the next generation, environment friendly, on the track vehicle with non stop and unmanned operation function.

  • Track

    Total Service ranging from railway track design and construction to maintenance for concrete bed track and ballast bed track is provided.

Major References

  • Domestic Market
    Seoul subway line 9 (transmission and transformation, trolley wire, signal, communication, AFC), Light rail transit for the Busan Gimhae section (trolley wire, communication), Light rail transit for the Ui Sinseol section (transmission and transformation, trolley wire, communication, AFC, MIS), KTX Dongdaegu Ulsan section (trolley wire), Seoul Metro line 2, SMRT line 7, Gwangju Metro line 1 (PSD)
  • Overseas Market
    Brazil Sao Paulo subway line 2 · 3 · 4 PSD