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Smart Airport

Customer baggage management and communication infra setup and operation system of airports are provided. By expanding services from the establishment and operation of the world’s best customer baggage facilities to major communication infra, POSCO ICT has played a major part in Incheon International Airport being recognized as the world’s best airport.

Major Services

  • Airport Baggage Handling System

    It is a system designed to transport baggage automatically to the final destinations and sort and search them; a complex logistics system with the world’s highest accuracy can be provided.

    BHS (Baggage Handling System)
    System Configuration
    BHS Platform
    System Description
    Integrated operation system
    for baggage
    A central control office that controls the comprehensive baggage management system is set up and operated.
    Departure baggage system Passenger baggage can be promptly transported to the corresponding flight using an optimum route.
    Transfer baggage system Transfer passenger baggage can be correctly and safely moved to the corresponding transfer flight.
    Arrival baggage system Arrival baggage can be transported to the conveyor belt for passenger pickup using the shortest route.
    Early check in baggage system It is a baggage storage system for early (3 hours) check-in baggage and early arrival transfer baggage.
    Large sized baggage system Baggage damage can be minimized by establishing an exclusive route for large sized baggage.
    Baggage system maintenance A maintenance system for baggage system is provided for 24/7 operation at airports.
    • Both regular belt and high speed belt systems are operated for efficiency improvement.
      (The high speed system is a sophisticated system for accurate and prompt transport; baggage is automatically sorted depending on the destination and transported at high speed using an exclusive tray.)
    • A lift type transport system for handling large sized baggage is operated, with the storage space for early check in baggage significantly expanded in order to respond to increased passenger demand.
    BHS Platform For Small and Medium Sized Airports

    Customized BHS platform for small and medium sized airports developed based on Incheon International Airport’s BHS setup and operation know how

    System Configuration
    BHS Platform
    BHS Platform
    Common (BHS Framework) Library functions such as remind message, log management, D/B link, etc.
    TCP server / client, Task logging, D/B related embedded function
    Integrated management system

    Application S/W

    • Flight schedule management, Management of allocation of destinations and sorting time
    • Baggage route control, facility and transport line control
    • Early and delayed baggage management, Upper and lower system interface

    Web result management

    • Prompt confirmation and storage of information are enabled through the configuration of screen by category such as flight information, baggage, EBS (early baggage storage), Lateral (final sorting zone), Parameter, Alarm Log, etc.
    • Correct inquiry of information and load minimization are possible through the data search (filter) function.
    Facility operation system Optimization of facility operation through information provision such as device control and condition
    Minimization of the time required for the correction of problems through the transfer of irregularities using real time alarm view
    • System platform that can be immediately applied to medium sized airports
      (number of passengers: 20 million a year)
    • Ease of setup by using Windows based .NET Framework
    • Maintenance of system stability and optimum condition using verified and standardized control software
    • Can be expanded and customized with domestic technology only
    • Can be linked with the test bed for the verification and simulation of platform solution
  • Airport Communication Infra Operation

    Overall communication infra operation services are provided such as flight information display system, which is considered a core airport facility, flight information system such as immigration information system, video satellite equipment, etc.

  • Aviation Lights Management System

    A system with which individual lights of the landing and take off field such as runway, taxiway, etc., are monitored and controlled by the air traffic control tower is provided.

  • Airfield Lighting System

    Depending on the airport zone and purpose, various lights, optimized power supply system, and related accessories are provided. In addition, LED lights and control programs that can reduce power consumption can be supplied through POSCO LED, a subsidiary company.

  • U Immigration System

    A system that can be used to examine inbound and outbound passengers in advance, automate related procedures, and trace passengers even after entry or departure based on immigration information received from police, customs service and immigration service, and flight reservation system of airlines is established.

  • Air Traffic Control System

    A system that provides the information necessary for the aircraft control of controllers by linking radar data and flight plan is established.

Major References

  • Establishment and operation of stage 1, 2, and 3 baggage handling system of Incheon International Airport
  • Operation of communication infra of Incheon International Airport, Establishment of stage 3 airport communication infra
  • Establishment of Pohang Airport’s Air Navigation Safety system