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Renewable Power Generation

Total Service including design, procurement, and construction of power generation infra is provided for the efficient production of environment friendly renewable energy such as photovoltaic, wind, biomass, etc.

total energy optimization service

Major Services

Photovoltaic Power Generation

Establishment and operation service of environment friendly power generation system that directly converts solar energy into electrical energy using a photovoltaic module consisting of semiconductor device

total energy optimization service
  • It can be installed in places such as ground surface, top of buildings, water surface, etc., within a relatively short period of time, and promptly responding to increased demand is enabled
  • Total System Engineering service is provided along with design review depending on the installation type and size, determination of feasibility, and economic efficiency analysis of investment
  • Ease of maintenance, unmanned operation, and long service life of 20 years or more translate into increased investment efficiency

Chilgok, Yeonggwang, Busan, Gangneung, Hapcheon, Uiseong, Gimcheon, and Sinan

Wind Power Generation

Establishment and operation service of a Wind Power Generation system that converts the kinetic energy of wind into electrical energy using rotating blades

total energy optimization service
  • The short construction period enables responding flexibly to power demand and supply.
  • Land use efficiency is high since power generators require relatively small land size, aside from the low operation and maintenance costs.

Sinan Wind Power Plant, Tamna Marine Wind Power Plant, and On-land wind power plant in Jeollanam do


Establishment and operation service of biomass power generation, which produces electric power through the use of the steam generated by crushing and burning industrial waste wood material instead of using fossil fuel emitting greenhouse gas

total energy optimization service
  • The entire process including crushing facilities to produce wood chips, burners, and boilers to produce steam by burning wood chips, heat pipes to supply the steam produced to consumers, and power generation facilities to produce electric power by operating the generator using steam is performed.
  • Energy production and selling facilities of Pocheon Yangmun Industrial Complex
  • Nonsan Biomass Power Generation Project
  • Seodaegu Industrial Complex Steam Project