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Smart Workplace

Smart Work provides an environment that leverages ICT technology to communicate and work together, without being constrained by time and space. Companies can increase productivity and competitiveness while employees can achieve balance between work and life. We provide differentiated services based on the advanced work process from Google, a global ICT company.

Smart Work
  • SWP (Collaboration Communication)
  • MDM (Mobile Device Management)
  • POWIS (Business Information)
  • Smart Factory (Mobile Business Support)
  • BWP (Communication)
  • VDI (Virtual Desktop)

Major Services

SWP (Smart Workplace)

An environment of free communication and collaboration is provided without being constrained by time and space. We work together with Google to provide various solutions including email, video conferencing, knowledge sharing and in house specialist searches to increased business efficiency and productivity.

Smart Work SWP
SWP는 본연 업무의 효율화를 위한 TMS, 지식화/학습을 위한 KSI,
창의 활동을 통해 아이디어를 창출하고 이를 신사업 개발로 연계하여 다시 본연 업무를 강화하는 IMS로 구성되어 있습니다.
또한 이 모든 활동들은 구성원들의 협력으로 스피디하게 이루어질 수 있도록 하는 CMS와 연계되어 있습니다.
포스코ICT는 이러한 SWP의 전략수립, 변화관리, 솔루션 제공, 시스템 구축 및 운영의 모든 서비스를 제공합니다.
Major Functions
  • TMS(Task Management System) : Pursue efficiency by eliminating unnecessary work steps.
    In this system, all work carried out by an employee is organized as data which can be analyzed to provide fact based coaching and feedback to improve efficiency in work processes.
  • KSI(Knowledge Sharing & Insight) : Expand knowledge by increasing the intellectual and learning based activities.
    In this system, the knowledge acquired from work, learning, and creative activities is easily gathered and shared to spread new insight.
  • IMS(Idea Management System) : Join in creative activities to produce big ideas.
    In this system, anybody can register ideas, which are further developed by the specialist network to create values for the company.
  • CMS(Collaboration Management System) : Secure speedy execution ability through collaboration
    In this system, human resources are chosen via a specialist search using Smart Tool to increase convenience and pursue fair evaluation.

VDI (Virtual Desktop Interface)

The Anywhere & Any Device environment is fostered by placing the user's PC in the central server to provide continuity of work and reinforce data security within the company.

  • [As-is]

    Provide a working environment that would
    otherwise be constrained outside the company

    office Risk of information leakage Mainly simple works

    • Work allowed only in office
    • Documents and data stored in the PCs
    • Information leaked from lost/stolen PCs and USB storage
  • [To-be]

    Provide a safe and standardized
    working environment

    VDI Outside in the office On the move

    • Work anytime anywhere
    • All data to be stored in the storage in the data center
    • Data leakage to be prevented as data is centrally managed
Major Functions
  • Management : standard environment, integrated management, and monitoring services for multiple PCs.
  • Security : secure connection services, control on mobile devices for data protection, and data backup services.
  • Profit : latest PC based working environment, efficient PC operation and maintenance, and monthly fee based flexible operation
  • Mobility : mobile office space, mobile device connection, standardized working environment

MDM (Mobile Device Management)

Mobile devices are remotely controlled to enhance mobile security and also prevent information leakage and security breaches.

Major Functions
Smart Work Mobile Device Management
MDM Mobile Device Management
  • Operation Management
    • Admin Interface implementation
    • Profile Management
    • Log Management
    • Remote control
  • Device Management
    • Device (user) registration/authentication
    • Device settings management
    • Device informatino Management
    • User information Management
  • Security Management
    • Password Management
    • Security standards applied according to the permissions policy
    • Lost device management function
    • SWMS Client deletion monitoring
  • Software Management
    • Remote software distribution according to the distribution policy
    • Software execution control based on the permissions policy
    • Software history Management
  • Information leakage is prevented by blocking access to in house resources according to the security standards and process control.
  • The flexibility of applying the security policy is achieved through the user permission level and criteria management
  • The module interfacing with the main systems is packaged for easier application to various corporate environments.
  • Push technology is adopted for timely communication, reduced telecommunication cost, and real time reaction.

POWIS (POSCO Working Information System)

This is a business innovation solution that supports simplification, quick decision making, and work history management for instant work sharing and communication.

Major Functions
Smart Work POWIS
  • Weekly activity reporting function
    • Weekly activity registration
    • Report Selection and briefing to seniors
    • Feedback
    • Activity search
    • Merge function
  • Meeting support function
    • Query on senior activities
    • Whole/selective view function
    • Senior Instant report
    • Report material sharing
  • Other convenience functions
    • Authority delegation settings
    • Designation of representative
    • Email sharing

Major References

  • Establishment of DSME POWIS
  • Establishment of POSCO and POSCO Group companies Smart Work Place