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We provide a total security service that includes a consulting service that diagnoses security risks and establishes counterplans to protect the information assets of the customer and the security control service that monitors 365 days a year for security violations and information leakage by implementing and operating a security system.

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Major Services

Security Consulting

This is a security service that diagnoses and analyzes risk factors in advance and proposes the best countermeasures in order to minimize the security risk for the customer.

  • Security Management System Diagnosis : managerial, physical and technical process diagnosis to protect information assets
  • System Vulnerability Diagnosis : diagnose the information system that operates information assets, for any vulnerable point
  • Personal Information Protection Diagnosis : diagnose compliance of privacy protection per related tasks and life cycle
  • Simulated Hacking Diagnosis : diagnose the information infrastructure that uses and manages information assets, for possibility of hacking
Security Infrastructure Implementation and Operation Services

We implement an optimized security system and provide a stable operation service to protect the customer working environment.

  • Security Infrastructure Implementation Service
    Support the implementation of optimized security infrastructure based on the experience of implementing various security systems such as network security, application security, server/DB security, device security, etc.
  • Security Infrastructure Operation Service
    Provide stable and systematic security infrastructure operation services based on various security service operation indices and the experience of operating the security system for POSCO subsidiaries
Security Control Service

We provide an integrated security control service that can integrate the main logs on IT resources and security systems, apply the correlation analysis, and analyze and respond to information leakage signs in real time.

  • Detect/prevent unauthorized traffic to prevent security accidents
  • Analyze and respond to attempted infringements in real time to minimize security accidents
  • Satisfy market requirements and flexibly apply the latest technology
  • Provide a customized screen and information leakage dashboard function to enhance customer convenience