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Big Data

Based on the result visualized through the process of collection/storage/processing/
analysis of Big Data, an environment that enables efficient decision making is established. In addition, new business opportunities and values are provided to customers by finding a new pattern that has never been recognized before through the collected data

Major Services

Infra setup and operation service for the collection and storage of Big Data

Infrastructure that provides data when users need them by efficiently collecting and storing large quantities of data using extensible distributed data management architecture is set up and operated.

Analysis and visualization of Big Data

Big Data analysis and visualization designed for fact finding through search of the entire data instead of analyzing the whole out of a part and focused on prediction and optimization

Real time processing service based on patterns

Patterns of an unusual symptom that has been derived through analysis are applied to the target of detection in real time; in the event a similar pattern is detected, the user concerned is immediately notified.

Major Solutions

Big Data platform solution “Glue Big Data”

Big Data platform solution

  • Characteristics
    • Platform for the integrated operation of open source based solution for the processing of Big Data
    • Provision of customized analysis environment by industry depending on the customer characteristics
    • Real time data reception and processing for prompt and appropriate decision making are possible
Pilot project of establishing POSCO Big Data platform solution, Big Data consulting service for POSCO Group companies