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Infrastructure Operation

POSCO ICT provides customers with support for their business innovations by safely and efficiently managing their data with POSCO’s own ICT infrastructure.

Major Services

Infrastructure Diagnosis

Using a checklist verified through years of experience in managing logistics and manufacturing at POSCO, a global steel producer, POSCO ICT can provide systematic infrastructure diagnosing service tailored for a customer’s environment and for all areas of a customer’s IT infrastructure from servers to database, network, security, and equipment.

IT Infrastructure Operations

By leveraging their operational know-how accumulated through 30 years’ experience in steel production, POSCO ICT experts in IT infrastructure planning, design, deployment, and operations can provide customers a stable environment for ICT services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Data Center Operations

POSCO ICT is currently operating data centers in Chungju, Pohang, and Gwangyang. It has successfully deployed information systems in POSCO and 17 other POSCO family companies and has also installed dedicated networks at overseas production and manufacturing sites.

Chungju Cloud Data Center Seoul Gwangyang Pohang Overseas

  • Characteristics
    • We have increased availability, stability, security and scalability by adopting a dedicated data center building, highly available tier 3 level facilities with earthquake resistant design (7.0).
    • We provide redundant networks. We use the overseas network hub for stable services worldwide.
    • Data Center is located in the center of Korea (Nexpolis Chungju) and is safe from earthquakes, tsunami, floods, and other natural disasters.
Network Operations

Based on its experience in managing POSCO’s communication networks, POSCO ICT can provide network deployment and network operation services tailored to the customer’s environment. So far, the company has deployed high-quality, large-capacity transmission networks and Internet services at 30 customer sites in Korea and 7 customer sites in overseas countries.

  • Characteristics
    • Use our own POS NET 10 G MSPP to connect the subscriber via universal LAN technology without using high end routers or transmission equipment even in the WAN sections
    • Provide customized services by using an N*10 M leased line to connect points
    • Provide a one stop service that includes service application, implementation, operation and failure handling