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Logistics Management

The entire process from product classification and transport to storage is automatically performed, resulting in improvement of not only the efficiency of logistics management but also productivity such as cost saving, etc.

Automation of the entire logistics management process
Automation of the entire logistics management process
  1. Yard automation/Unmanned crane system
  2. Port/Raw material automation system
  3. Automatic tag attaching system
  4. Automatic total pack logistic system
  5. Three-dimensional automatic warehouse logistic system
  6. Automation of the entire logistics management process
Major Services
  • Yard automation and unmanned crane system
    The working environment in high places is improved, and secure and continuous logistics operation is enabled through the unmanned operation of cranes having standardized operation pattern of raw materials of the factory and product yard.
  • Port/Raw material automation system
    Unloading facilities for raw materials and incidental materials imported by ships and automation system and remote unmanned system of raw material transporting equipment for the storage and release of the raw materials unloaded from the ships are built
  • Automatic tag attaching system
    Automatic attachment of bar code and RFID to products using robots contributes to the efficient operation of logistics and cost saving
  • Automatic total pack logistic system
    A system with which the management of warehousing and release from the warehouse and all other information can be monitored in real time until the products manufactured at a factory reach a distribution base and the customer’s warehouse is established
  • Three dimensional automatic warehouse logistic system
    Products are automatically warehoused and released from the warehouse by using stacker cranes that can move between storage racks