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Desulfurization and Denitrification

Air pollution is prevented by eliminating harmful substances such as nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide in emission gas from industrial sites using the low temperature plasma method.

Major Solution

Hi Plasma

Environment friendly facility designed for the removal of sulfur oxide discharged from the burning process and conversion of nitrogen oxide into harmless N2and NO2

FGDD(Flue Gas DeNOx DeSOx): Facility that increases the mixing power of slack lime and emission gas and reaction time of desulfurization and denitrification

Contaminants in emission gas are solidified into SOX and NOX, etc., by reacting with propylene and ammonia while passing through the plasma reactor; the electric dust collector located at the back end collects them.

  • Characteristics
    • Can be applied to materials and condition that are not applicable at high temperature
    • Various chemical reactions effectively remove harmful gases
    • Facility consisting of power supply and reactor only is very simple in terms of configuration, requiring relatively small area for installation
    • Can be additionally installed in existing desulfurization facilities using semi drying method or wet method
  • Applicable Areas
    Thermal power plant, manufacturing process of sintered body of ironworks, incinerating plant for waste, etc.
  • References
    Incinerators of Gwangyang Ironworks, Sintering plants 1 and 2 of Pohang Ironworks