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Electric Dust Collection (MPS)

POSCO ICT provides environment friendly service designed for the revolutionary elimination of fine dusts from industrial sites based on its own technology, which was successfully commercialized for the first time in Korea.

Major Solution

MPS(Micro Pulse System)

Environment friendly facility designed to collect and eliminate dusts by using the high voltage generated through the addition of micro pulse voltage to the DC voltage conducting dust collection

전기집진 구성도

  • Characteristics
    • Can replace the MPS power supply only from the existing dust collector instead of replacing the whole collector
    • Improve dust collection efficiency by at least 30% compared to the DC energization device
    • At least 80% savings on electric power use compared to the DC energization device
  • Areas of Application
    Thermal power plant, Sintered body manufacturing process of steelworks, Other plants wherein fugitive dusts are generated
  • References
    Sintering plant 3 of Pohang Steelworks, Sintering plant 5 of Gwangyang Steelworks, Boryeong Thermal Power Plant of Korea Midland Power, Yeosu Factory of GS Caltex, Leiyang/Binchang/Matou/Changshan/Baoji/Wushashan Power Plant in China